3 Ways AdBiblio Can Help FREE Up Your Time (and Budget) this Holiday Season:

1. FREE Ad Creation

You probably already knew this, but AdBiblio includes FREE ad creation services with the purchase of all campaigns. I’m going to say it again just because it’s so awesome. WE WILL CREATE YOUR ADS FOR FREE!! And the best part? The ads are license-free so you can reuse them anywhere – not just with AdBiblio campaigns! 

We know many of our clients have a wonderful and incredibly talented team of in-house designers, but if that team gets overwhelmed or backlogged, it can affect workflows. We’re happy to fill in the gaps and help out with designs any way we can. If your designer only has time to create one or two ads, we can create the others based on your original designs.  Want a second set of ads to A/B test for the holidays? We can do that, too! And if you have no clue what the ads should look like at all, we’re happy to consult at any time!

2. FREE Copywriting Services

Did you know that AdBiblio also offers copywriting services? Our team of experts will brainstorm ad copy for you and send over a variety of options for you to choose from. We can do this for any type of ad, but it’s especially helpful for native units where the text is critical for connecting with your audience, but must also meet specific character count limits. If you’re not sure which copy is best to use for your ads, run it by us and we’d be happy to weigh in. Or, A/B test multiple options. We will always optimize toward which ads/copy are performing best!

3. FREE 1-day turnaround

We’re pretty proud of our quick-turnaround abilities for campaigns all throughout the year, but for the rest of 2022, we are offering a 24-hour turnaround to launch any campaign, as long as your assets are ready to go.  

If you have any last minute promotions, or want to capitalize on a #BookTok sensation or a rave review, reach out to Mary Beth (marybeth@adbiblio.com) to get started.

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