How to Advertise Your Book to Librarians and Library Visitors

I can still remember spending many summer afternoons nestled in the corner of my local library with a pile of books. Sure, I loved to go swimming and ride my bike, but the time at the library with my mom are some of my fondest memories. Libraries and librarians truly hold a special place in my heart and I’m excited to be attending ALA this upcoming week! Read on to see the many ways AdBiblio book advertising can reach librarians, library visitors, and more!

AdBiblio book advertising campaigns can reach niche audiences with demos, traits and behaviors like:

• Librarians & Library-support staff
• Archivists
• K-12 School Librarians
• Library Patrons / Recent Library visitors
• E-book readers
• People who listen to audiobooks

You may have heard of AdBiblio proximity targeting, but if not, here’s a recap! Using real time GPS and latitude / longitude data, we can serve ads to readers while they are in a specific place at a specific time. This means we can target your book ads to real-world places like public libraries, archives, museums like The Natural History Museum & The Met, college libraries, and even the ALA conference!

In addition to demos, traits, and proximity targeting, AdBiblio book advertising can find that bookworm audience by running on literary sites, as well as through keywords.

We can find avid book readers reading articles with terms and phrases like library book club, best libraries, libraries recommend, librarian picks, library story time, support libraries, Libby, Hoopla, and Backpage. And some of the top-tier sites we can reach include The Atlantic, Children’s Library Lady, The Uncorked Librarian, Hazlitt, The Paris Review, Goodreads, Literary Hub, Electric Literature, Bustle, Bookstr, NPR, New York Times, and more!

Will you be at ALA this year? If so, I’d love to connect! You can find me at And if you’re ready to promote your book to our beloved librarians & libraries, reach out for a free customized proposal!

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