Star Wars Lexicon Targeting Word Cloud

Let’s Get Lexical! (aka Lexicon Targeting for Niche Books)

One of our favorite book advertising innovations here at AdBiblio is our proprietary Lexicon Targeting. Lexicon Targeting uses custom sets of words and phrases to identify uniquely relevant online content. When you’re promoting a niche book, particularly one that already has or appeals to a cohesive fan base, these word and phrase lists are an especially powerful way to zero in on topical articles and websites. Titles related to a popular book series, TV show, movie, comic, board game, or sports team are all prime candidates for Lexicon Targeting. Our team recently had a particularly fun time curating the set of words and phrases for a collection of Star Wars titles from ABRAMS.

ABRAMS Star Wars Titles ad creatives

Geared towards Star Wars superfans, the ABRAMS campaign included a Rogue One companion book, a two-volume set of Star Wars artwork, and a trading card series. The Star Wars universe is famous for it’s unique terminology, names, and catchphrases. Using our team’s research skills plus the pre-existing knowledge of resident AdBiblio Star Wars geek / ad trafficker extraordinaire Will, we came up with a long list of uniquely Star Wars lexicon. The words and phrases ranged from the easily recognizable “Darth Vader” and “Millennium Falcon” to the more obscure “Kessel Run,” “Hosnian Prime,” and (our favorite) “Jek Porkins“. Relevant keywords about the creation of the Star Wars universe like “Lucasfilm” and “Ralph McQuarrie” were also added to complete the lexicon.


If you’ve got a niche title geared towards an audience with a unique lexicon, Mary Beth would love to talk more about how AdBiblio can help with your next campaign. Shoot her an email at to start the conversation!


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