Literary Links: August Roundup

This month I’ve rounded up my favorite book news — all which have put a big smile on my face! From a book club still going strong to Bill Hader’s first visit to the fiction section, take a look below for some of my favorite links.


Our first feel-good roundup story comes straight out of Boston.

Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray held a book launch inside Fenway Park for his children’s book, Running Across America.

The book is the story of McGillivray’s run from Medford, Oregon to Medford, Massachusetts and into Fenway Park during a Red Sox game.

“The idea is to teach children about perseverance and setting goals, not limits,” he said. “Hopefully, it inspires kids to believe in themselves and raise their level of self-confidence.”

source: CBS Boston


Our second story is a great reminder of the power of connection, friendship…and book clubs!

In 1952, six California State Long Beach faculty wives formed a book club called the Egg Heads. Today, the group is still going strong! And when some of the ladies passed away, their daughters took their place.

“I was just lonesome for company,” said Louise Wilde, 97, who founded the Egg Heads. “It’s the one group that I’ve belonged to for years. You read books that you would never choose yourself.”

image source: LA Times


In our next happy roundup, a Charlottesville woman has created a project called Laundromat Libraries where she gives children the opportunity to read wherever they go! Patricia Dogil created the program to help and encourage kids to read while they are waiting with their families in laundromats. Another cool part? The books don’t have to be returned.

“When they find a book that’s so special for them, they can take it home,” Dogil said.

image source: WHSV


And finally, if Stephen King doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, who can? As we look ahead to IT Chapter II, the stars of the new film share their favorite King book. I personally loved Bill Hader’s choice and reasoning behind it:

“I had a similar experience with a book,” Hader said. “My grandfather took me to a bookstore and I had to get Red Badge of Courage for school. I was kind of bummed out about it and then he said, ‘You can go get another book if you want.’ So I went to the Young Adult section and he went, ‘No, no, no, you can go to the fiction section. You’re 12. You can handle it.’”

“The fiction section, you know, if you’re a book nerd, that’s where all the sex is,” Hader joked. “I was worried I was accidentally going to pick up Fear of Flying but I picked up Salem’s Lot and I read it in a weekend. It was also that first experience of reading an adult book that was 400 something pages and you finished it. You felt this massive accomplishment.”

image source: Cheatsheet

We’ll see you again soon for our first set of Fall links!

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