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Literary Links: Cats and Tats

This roundup of literary links is almost certainly going to change your presidential vote, help you write a bestselling novel, and inspire your next tattoo…



The Cat in the Hat has announced his 2016 presidential campaign and you can help choose his first order of business by voting for your favorite cause. 

As much as I’d love to vote #catinhat4prez, his integrity and decision-making skills do leave a lot to be desired. If he can’t even be trusted to stay home alone without parental supervision, how can we expect him to run an entire country? Sorry, but I think I’ll vote #fish4prez instead.



In other nostalgic news HuffPo gives us a glimpse into the life and process of Eric Carle, the man responsible for every child’s love of caterpillars. 

According to Carle, “…some children have said to me, “Oh, I can do that.” I consider that the highest compliment.” So if you’re a parent, stock up on tissue paper and acrylics and put your kids to work!



If kids can create books, why not machines? Literary magazine CuratedAI is publishing some intriguing machine-generated poetry and prose using artificial intelligence.

A sample from the poem “Seaward”:

seaward to london i
you are free of your name of god you of
the kings and odysseus for man as
i am dead for i was not a woman to keep the man in
my own love i could
be your life



Meanwhile, an upcoming release from St. Martin’s Press The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of The Blockbuster Novel has sparked debate over whether machines can accurately predict bestsellers. 

I am afraid [the machines have] a very agreeable idea of the sort of thing.



Human librarians in Portland don’t need artificial intelligence to predict your next favorite read — they just need to take a look at your tattoos.

Check out Multnomah County Library’s Twitter feed for all of the inkspiration you can handle.



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