Literary Links: March Roundup

This month we’ve collected all the freshest literary links making the rounds at the AdBiblio office! Read on for stories about bees, body art, and bots!

Fresh Buzz

March means Spring has sprung, so naturally someone left a JAR OF BEES in the London Review Bookshop:

And, also naturally, Twitter responded with glorious bee poetry:

Fresh Ink

MetaFilter user not_the_water rounded up 10 Authors with Tattoos Inspired by Their Own Books. 

Check out Melissa F. Olson’s stunning back piece:

And Rob Hart’s incredible cover-inspired tattoo:

via Toe Six Press

Fresh Ideas

Leave it to Silicon Valley to introduce a BookBot. This friendly little robot zooms around town, collecting library books right at readers’ front doors and returning them to the Mountain View Library.

Though a library book collection robot may seem like overkill at first glance, library director Tracy Gray points out that “…the bot will give people who have limited mobility, are recovering from an injury, are ill, or have a sleeping baby at home another opportunity to continue taking advantage of the library’s services.”

If you missed our Book Cover Edition of Literary Links, check it out here!

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