LB London Book Fair 2015 Olympia

Image Credit: Rachel McGorman

Observations from London Book Fair 2015

For a first-timer, London Book Fair gives the kind of adrenaline rush you’d expect from something like Coachella — just at a much lower decibel level. There are more people here than I could meet in a year, much less three days.

With every inch of the exhibition hall packed full, heavyweights like S&S and HarperCollins rub elbows with the “little guys” at ipg.

Plenty of old AdBiblio friends to run into from Kensington Books, Penguin RandomHouse, ABRAMS, and many more.

In spite of the venue maps, everyone’s lost… at first. But slowly we all find our way from General Trade Publishing to the International Pavilion to Children’s Publishing to Digital Solutions and back.

Call me crazy, but… where’s all the swag? Unlike SXSW, many exhibitors have already pre-booked full days of one-on-one meetings and don’t much care about luring in passersby with branded thumb drives or neon sunglasses.

LBF-London-Book-Fair-2015-Olympia copy

London Book Fair 2015: over 1500 exhibitors packed inside the glass-and-metal cylinder of the Olympia. Where’s Waldo?

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