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When it comes to vacation reading, I always think of my best friend Kristina who intensely searched a Miami Walgreens at 9pm for the hottest romance books. She was on the hunt for a whole bunch of steamy novels to devour over our 4 day vacation. I’m pretty sure she bought around 5 books, so I’d say the trip was a total success. The Bastard Billionaire series by Jessica Lemmon became her obsession. She still talks about it.

Long story short: Kristina is like a lot of other people, including myself, where the warm weather and water means reading as many books as possible. We’re very dedicated to our summer reading, and our beach gear is more books than anything else. So how will we choose which ones to add to our bags? We need to know they exist! And that’s where AdBiblio comes in. We’ll make your book stand out this summer!

Here’s how…



Proximity Targeting. It’s the coolest thing ever, and we love the success we’re seeing from these types of campaigns. This cutting edge technology allows us to serve ads to book enthusiasts in top beach towns and airports like Myrtle Beach, Florida Keys, and Miami, while they are shopping in places like:

-Indie bookstores
-Barnes & Noble
-CVS / Rite Aid / Walgreens (hi Kristina!)
-Hudson News
& more!

Want to get in people’s heads while they are browsing their phones physically ON the beach? We can do that too!



Niche Targeting.  To top it all off, we can use our parallel genre targeting to serve the ad to readers with similar tastes. Whether it’s a hot new romance, can’t-put-down thriller, or the latest in literary fiction, we can target readers in coastal towns with a strong interest in big name authors like James Patterson, Liane Moriarty, Nora Roberts, and more.



Some other cool targeting to mention:

-people going on a cruise
-child care / day care employees / babysitters
-outdoor entertainers
-those with a passion for swimming
-people who visit the beach at least twice a month
-people who own pools!
-bbq and grilling enthusiasts
-boating enthusiasts
-family vacation planners

Shoot me an email and we’ll get started on planning the perfect summer proposal –> In the meantime, stay cool!

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