Image Credit: Hilde Skjølberg, flickr

Hurley: “Shouting in the ****ing Wind”

Tales of author woe abound, but fantasy author Kameron Hurley recently published a particularly powerful tale of her own arduous quest as an author. The story ends, as one might expect from an author of scifi tales, with a heroic and heartening finale.

Hurley published her first three books to mixed success of ups and downs. As she noted, “There is no point in writing a second book when the first tanks. Your publisher is demoralized. You’re demoralized. Your fans are demoralized. It’s just… demoralizing.”

With a great book written but no publisher in sight, Hurley set about to turn the tide. Hurley embarked on writing two blog posts a day for three weeks last January. Then she scheduled similar blitzes in August and September. As Hurley put it:

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Do Facebook Ads Work For Books?

For many authors, Facebook advertising seems like a quick and efficient option. Indeed, some authors have generated sales with Facebook ads. Authors like Neil Gaiman, John Green, and  J.K. Rowling have a thriving Facebook presence. With some demographic targeting (including cities, age and sex) and spending increments for Facebook advertising as low as $5, what could do wrong?

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