AdBiblio Foot Traffic Ad Campaigns – everything you need to know!

What if you could reach diverse readers in queer-owned bookstores? What about teachers and librarians who attended ALA? Or sci-fi book buyers who attended San Diego Comic-Con?

Well, you can – with AdBiblio Foot Traffic ad campaigns!

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AdBiblio Case Study: Moonrise Over New Jessup from Algonquin Books

There’s something so special about reading a debut novel and discovering an author’s unique voice for the first time. And sometimes, you’re so blown away by the initial read that you realize you can’t wait to see what else the author has in store! Such is the case with author Jamila Minnicks and her new novel, Moonrise over New Jessup. We were thrilled to help Algonquin Books reach literary enthusiasts everywhere to promote this powerhouse of a debut!

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March Madness Book Advertising

With the SuperBowl behind us, the sporting world is rolling full steam ahead into March Madness. The annual basketball tournament demands the attention of millions of college basketball fans every year. As a result it provides an amazing opportunity for publishers to advertise – and it won’t cost you $7 Million for a 30 second ad!

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PLANT Ahead to Target Gardening Book Fanatics This Spring

According to recent statistics, about 55% of U.S. households participate in some form of gardening, which translates to roughly 71.5 million gardening households, or 185.9 million people nationwide. Wow! Since the pandemic, gardening as a hobby has experienced a real growth spurt, especially amongst younger generations.

Here at AdBiblio, we can reach a massive group of green-thumbed page turners. If you have a gardening book to promote – whether fiction or nonfiction – here’s how we can help you dig into the most qualified readers:

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AdBiblio Case Study: Tales of a Seventh Grade Lizard Boy from Candlewick

Oh, middle school. What an incredibly awkward time. Especially if you happen to be a….lizard boy! We loved helping Candlewick spread the word about Tales of a Seventh Grade Lizard Boy — the hilarious and heartfelt tween graphic novel from Jonathan Hill.

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2023 Book Advertising Trends

As we kick off a brand new year, we’re also looking back at trends and learnings from 2022 that we can carry forward into 2023. These are the 2023 book advertising trends we encourage publishers and authors to leverage for the strongest campaign performance:

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