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Brand awareness for books – does it matter?

Brand awareness may seem like an empty and nebulous buzzword at first glance. It’s no surprise that unambiguous metrics like Clicks and CTR tend to be more popular than “awareness” when determining the success of ad campaigns. (We love clicks and high CTRs as much as the next advertiser!) But does that mean brand awareness is useless for book ads, or could it still be worth your time and ad dollars?

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Nerd Alert: The Power of Engagement Metrics for Online Ads

Our passion and primary objective at AdBiblio is raising awareness of your book with the right readers. That’s why we developed our custom engagement metrics to measure audience interest and attention, and include them in every end-of-campaign report. While clicks and CTR indicate immediate conversions, these standard metrics don’t illustrate the longer-term impact of an ad campaign.

Engagement metrics in AdBiblio final report example

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