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AdBiblio Case Study: Gilded Age Cocktails from NYU Press

During the Gilded Age (the period after Reconstruction – which I actually remember from my 8th grade social studies class), America became more prosperous and saw unprecedented growth in industry and technology. Which is great and all, but did you also know it was the golden age of cocktails? They didn’t teach that in history class! We were thrilled to pour ourselves a drink and help NYU Press utilize precision book advertising to share more about Cecelia Tichi’s Gilded Age Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America’s Golden Age!

Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, bartender, mixology wizard or even just a huge history buff, Gilded Age Cocktails will be sure to fascinate and delight! From the Manhattan to the martini, Tichi shares the history behind each signature beverage of the age. Alice Randall,  author of Black Bottom Saints, calls it “a powerful shot of history, aesthetics, identity, and politics, this elegant volume chronicles the early libations of America’s most profoundly elitist hours―cocktail time in the Gilded Age.” Our own Karli had a blast making a couple cocktails from the book, including the “Planter’s Punch,” which is apparently a signature cocktail of New Orleans. Sign me up!

The base of the campaign targeted cocktail lovers, bartenders, and food and beverage enthusiasts, with traits and behaviors like cookbook buyers, people searching for drink recipes online, cocktail bar visitors, history buffs, holiday party hosts, and more. Comps included authors like Cheryl Charming, Gary Regan, Amy Stewart, and Karen Page. Keywords included terms and phrases like cocktail books, history of cocktails, for drink lovers, books about the Gilded Age, mixology books, and more!

The campaign included our classic mix of native and banner ads, and finished at a .28% CTR. The ads ran on top sites including Liquor, Distiller, Delish, Tipsy Bartender, Serious Eats, The Whiskey Wash, Saveur, Esquire, and more, and did best with our AdBiblio read alike audience – 0.50% CTR, history buffs – 0.25% CTR, and cocktail lovers – 0.24% CTR!

Looking for a fun Friday night? Pour yourself a Punch with Kirsch and dive into The Gilded Age of Cocktails – you can pick up your copy here! And if you’re ready to launch your next campaign, you know where to find me –!

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