AdBiblio Case Study: The Shapes Trilogy from Candlewick Press

Who knew shapes could be so darn cute? Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen’s amusing picture book series, The Shapes Trilogy, feature witty tales about a Triangle, Square, and Circle. They’re also the inspiration behind the Shape Island children’s show on Apple TV+. Candlewick reached out to AdBiblio with the goal of connecting with niche audiences who are also Apple TV+ subscribers. We were thrilled to play a part in promoting these adorable books!

New York Times best-selling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen are perfect at blending humor and art in all of their children’s books, and The Shapes Trilogy is no exception. There are three books in the series – Triangle, Square, and Circle. The inspired Apple TV+ series, which premiered in January 2023, revolves around the three shape pals navigating friendship’s twists and turns. They can get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, friendship always wins!

The campaign included a mix of our native and banner ads, and focused on reaching parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers who are Apple TV + subscribers. Additional traits and behaviors included children’s book buyers, bookstore gift card shoppers, picture book buyer, amazon book shoppers, and children’s educational toys, games and books shoppers. Comps included authors like Oliver Jeffers, Jory John, Brendan Wenzel, and Kevin Henkes, as well as media like The Boy, The Mole, the Fox and the Horse, Vampirini, and – of course – Shape Island. Keywords included words and phrases like Shape Island on Apple TV+, Jon Klassen, Mac Barnett, bestselling children’s books, and Apple TV+ children’s shows.

Our niche targeting proved successful with Apple TV+ subscribers, as the campaign resonated strongly with this audience of streamers! The ads did best with Children’s TV/Film viewers who are Apple TV+ viewers/subscribers (.53% CTR), Grandparents who are Apple TV+ viewers/subscribers (.29% CTR), and Children’s book buyers who are Apple TV+ viewers/subscribers reading articles with relevant keywords – (.28% CTR). The campaign finished at a .26% CTR (click through rate) and 2.88% IAR (Interaction rate), and ran on top sites including Imagination Soup, Romper, Parents, Scary Mommy, Growing Book by Book, Oprah Mag, Geek Dad, Tiny Beans, & more!

If you’ve got little readers in your life, The Shapes Trilogy is a funny and heartfelt series to share – and the show is such a fun watch! You can view the trailer here. And if you have a book that is hitting the screens, we’re here to help! You can find me at

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