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AdBiblio Case Study – HMH Spartan Fit

Our team at AdBiblio includes a lot of fitness fanatics so we were *pumped* to help Houghton Mifflin Harcourt promote Spartan Fit! Written by the designer of Spartan races, Joe De Sena, the book details a complete 30-day workout and diet plan for peak performance. Because Spartan races include elements of strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed, we knew that a broad spectrum of potential athletes would love this title. The timing of HMH’s campaign also aligned perfectly with the spike in fitness interest generated by the Rio Olympics.


HMH Spartan Fit 728x90 ad
728×90 banner for HMH Spartan Fit


HMH Spartan Fit 300x250 ad
300×250 banner for HMH Spartan Fit


To reach the right audience for Spartan Fit, we naturally zeroed right in on people who had already expressed a strong interest in the Spartan Race. To expand the reach to more potential Spartan athletes, we also targeted fitness enthusiasts and buyers; regular gym goers; people who are passionate about strength training and/or running; readers of fitness magazines like Men’s Health; and avid Olympics viewers.


Spartan Fit 300x250 on Shape
Spartan Fit 300×250 on Shape


Spartan Fit ads were served to optimal readers on sites like MyFitnessPal, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, Runner’s World, Shape,, SparkPeople, Daily Burn, Livestrong, and PaleOMG. More than 7,600 unique readers engaged with the campaign for a median interaction time of 9 seconds! The ads also generated a strong 0.16% CTR overall (pun intended :P), and within our AdBiblio read-alikes cookie pool that rate nearly doubled with a .31% CTR


Spartan Fit 728x90 on
Spartan Fit 728×90 on


If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you should definitely check out the book on HMH’s website! Or if you’re interested in reaching the right readers for your own book, we’d love to hear from you at!



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