AdBiblio Case Study: Dog is Love from HMH

Do my dogs, Zola and Arnie, love me as much as I love them? Considering they follow me everywhere I go, I’m going to guess that they do. And now – with the fascinating new read Dog is Love by Clive D.L. Wynne PhD – I have more than just instinct, I have scientific proof! As massive animal lovers here at AdBiblio, we were thrilled to help Houghton Mifflin Harcourt spread the word about this pawsome debut about our furry best friends.

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AdBiblio Case Study: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone from HMH

It’s time to take a seat on a comfy couch, reach for some tissues, and dive into Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed. The Instant New York Times bestseller, written by Lori Gottlieb, takes us behind the scenes of what it’s like to be both the therapist and the patient. We were thrilled to help Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reach readers for this one of a kind memoir!

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AdBiblio Case Study: How to Write an Autobiographical Novel from HMH

Alexander Chee is a well known name in the literary world . He’s the best-selling author of the novels The Queen of the Night and Edinburgh, and, as a novelist, has been described as “masterful” by Roxane Gay, “incendiary” by The New York Times, and “brilliant” by The Washington Post. Pretty solid resume! So, when HMH came to us for help in promoting his first collection of nonfiction, How to Write an Autobiographical Novel, we were beyond thrilled to help get the word out.

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Spartan Fit book cover

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AdBiblio Case Study – HMH Spartan Fit

Our team at AdBiblio includes a lot of fitness fanatics so we were *pumped* to help Houghton Mifflin Harcourt promote Spartan Fit! Written by the designer of Spartan races, Joe De Sena, the book details a complete 30-day workout and diet plan for peak performance. Because Spartan races include elements of strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed, we knew that a broad spectrum of potential athletes would love this title. The timing of HMH’s campaign also aligned perfectly with the spike in fitness interest generated by the Rio Olympics.

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