3 Powerful Ways to Reach Grandparents

If you have a children’s book to promote, targeting grandparents is a great way to expand your pool of potential readers and book buyers. Here are the top 3 ways AdBiblio can help you reach grandparents:

1. Demos & Traits:

If you’ve promoted a children’s title with AdBiblio before, then you already know that we can include direct grandparent targeting on proposals, but if you want to focus on a grandparent-exclusive audience, did you know we can also reach the following niche traits and demographics?:

  •   Children’s book buyers ages 55+
  •   Retirees and people who are researching retirement
  •   Grandparents who live in a multigenerational household
  •   Grandparents who are in-market for children’s gifts
  •   High-income seniors
  • Reading sites & publications geared toward seniors like AARP, Reader’s Digest, Considerable, Seniors Lifestyle, Martha Stewart, and more!

2. Foot Traffic:

By pinpointing locations where seniors are likely to be, we can leverage location-based targeting to reach grandparents in places like:

  •  Retirement villages & senior living communities
  •  Senior centers
  •  Pickleball centers, golf courses, and tennis courts
  • Seniors in popular retirement states like Florida & Arizona

3. Content

Reach grandparents and children’s book buyers who are reading about topics like:

gifts for grandkids, books for grandchildren, activities to do with grandkids, entertaining grandchildren, reading with grandkids, grandma-approved books, classic picture books, treasured gifts from grandparents, story time with grandkids, etc.

If you have a children’s book to promote to an audience of grandparents, Reach out to Mary Beth (marybeth@adbiblio.com) to see a custom proposal.

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