5 Indie Bookstores We Recommend to Shop for Holiday Gifts

Books are always a go-to holiday gift of mine. Whether I’m buying a sports book for my Dad, a historical fiction book for my mother-in-law, or picture books for my nephew, a bookstore has something for everyone on my list. There’s something so special about wandering through the aisles and spotting that perfect book on the shelf. And if I’m not buying for a reader, bookstores are also great places to buy trendy games, stationery, candles, blankets, socks, and other cozy gifts. I highly recommend checking out your local bookseller for a one-stop gift shop. Here are my top 5 indie bookstores to shop for holiday books & gifts:

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Horror Books for Horror Lovers

Hey, horror lovers! This list is for you! I recently made a list of recommended books to get you in the mood for spooky season, but for some readers, a little spookiness only goes so far…If you’re a more hardcore horror fan, here are 13 titles that might be right up your alley – assuming your alley is full of things like evil ghosts and serial killers. Read on…if you dare.

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Spooky (not scary) Books for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Each year, I celebrate by decorating a Halloween tree (yes it’s TECHNICALLY a Christmas tree but it’s SPOOKY okay?) and decking the halls of my home with fake spiderwebbing and a treasure trove of seasonal decor. And as a librarian, a former bookseller/book blogger and book industry professional, every year I get questions about book recommendations that are appropriately spooky but not quite as intense as full-blown horror. So here’s a list of 13 of my favorite spooky books that will warm you up to the season rather than chill you to the bone:

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AdBiblio Case Study: The Light in Hidden Places & Bluebird from Scholastic

I, like so many, am a complete sucker for a WWII era book. Every story of bravery and courage, especially when deeply researched and based on real historical events, is a harrowing yet uplifting reminder of the extraordinary heroes that have come before us. NY Times bestselling author Sharon Cameron is fantastic at writing such stories, like in her YA novels The Light in Hidden Places and Bluebird. We loved helping Scholastic use targeted book advertising to spread the word about these inspiring reads!

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AdBiblio Recommends

You already know by now that we’re completely obsessed with books at AdBiblio. We’re a team of devoted bookworms, and while we don’t get a chance to read everything that we promote (IF ONLY!!), we do try to read as many as we can devour each year. Here is a small sampling of a few of our personal favorite books that we were lucky enough to help promote in 2020:

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Literary Links: The Book Cover Edition

We’ve all heard that you should never judge a book by its cover, but we also know that packaging and design are important to consumers.  For book buyers, cover design is often the first step to engaging a potential reader. After all, aren’t you more likely to pick up a book if the cover appeals to you, or if you recognize that cover from somewhere else – like from an ad campaign that you’ve been noticing on all your favorite sites? Plus, in the age of “bookstagrammers,” a photo-worthy cover can turn one purchase into many by inspiring social media friends and followers to pick up a copy as well. There’s a lot to cover on this subject (pun most definitely intended!), so this edition of Literary Links is dedicated to the not so subtle art of judging a book by its cover.

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Literary Links: Most Anticipated Books of 2019

Ushering in a new year can be refreshing, but it can also be stressful.  Between resolutions, readjusting to work/school schedules, and the post-holiday blues, January can be a bit of a rollercoaster.  But one thing we always look forward to in the new year is the annual lists of “most anticipated” books!  Here’s a roundup of such lists to help you get a jump start on your 2019 TBR stack. So cheers to a new year and new books!

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Literary Links: “Best Books of 2018” Lists

There are a lot of great things about the holiday season, but one tradition we especially look forward to is the annual release of literary “best of” lists.  If you’re like us and always looking to add to your TBR stack and/or shopping for some bookish gift ideas for the holidays, please enjoy the below roundup of “Best Books of 2018” lists from around the web!  We hope you find your next great read!

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BEA 2017 Trip Report

Ahhhh BEA…the time of year when thousands of book lovers converge at the NYC Javits Center to ooh and ahhh over the latest literary releases and upcoming publications.  Essentially, it’s a bibliophile’s dream, so of course we had a fabulous time catching up with clients, meeting new friends and hoarding ALL THE BOOKS!  Here are a few highlights from the trip:

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Top Book Club Selections of 2016 (Part 2)

There’s nothing like being a part of a great book club! It’s a wonderful way to socialize with fellow book lovers, and (let’s be honest) a great excuse to binge on wine and cheese!  There’s no question that 2016 has been a fabulous year for books and book clubs, and if you haven’t joined a local or online reading group yet, there’s no time like the present!

From library and bookstore clubs to celebrity recommendations, we’ve rounded up some of the top selections for 2016 book clubs.  Here are 10 MORE titles to keep your group’s reading momentum strong and well-balanced (click here to read Part 1):

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