2023 Book Advertising Trends

As we kick off a brand new year, we’re also looking back at trends and learnings from 2022 that we can carry forward into 2023. These are the 2023 book advertising trends we encourage publishers and authors to leverage for the strongest campaign performance:

Video Ads

PreRoll video campaigns have continued to prove their efficacy in 2022, and we fully expect this trend to carry into 2023 and beyond. With a whopping 0.60% benchmark CTR, we can see just how much readers love to connect with video campaigns. And if you’re holding back due to a lack of video creative, let our in-house design team help! Video creative design starts at $1.5k and is well worth the investment if you’re trying to drive the highest possible CTRs.

2023 is also a perfect time to start thinking of video beyond desktop and mobile devices. Connected TV ads get your book directly on the biggest screen in the house. CTV ads run across streaming channels including Hulu, Amazon Prime, The CW, Sling, Disney, CBS, ABC, SyFy, FOX, Tubi, Crackle, and more!

Proximity Targeting

Proximity targeting reaches your readers in real-time, in the real world. And there are no limitations on the kinds of locations we can reach for you: from bookstores and libraries to comic cons and literary events to sports stadiums to travel hubs to wherever else your readers like to go.

During previous years of COVID lockdowns, real-world targeting wasn’t always the most effective strategy. However, as we saw things slowly begin to open back up over the course of 2022, we saw increasingly strong performances from our proximity campaigns. Going into 2023 we’re encouraging book advertisers to bring this type of targeting back into your regular media plans. With recent ads regularly outperforming our benchmark of 0.18% CTR, you can expect strong performance!

Diverse Audiences

Readers are hungry for stories that they can see themselves represented in. From BIPOC to LGBTQ+, we’ve been thrilled to see more titles published that appeal directly to these underrepresented groups. AdBiblio’s niche demographic targeting can help you reach audiences like:

  • BIPOC, Black, and African American readers
  • Native American readers
  • Latinx readers
  • LGBTQ+ readers
  • Muslim readers
  • activists
  • strong interest in Black History
  • immigration rights activists
  • strong interest in social justice & civil rights
  • LGBTQ+ cause donors
  • Spanish or other language speakers
  • strong interest in gender studies
  • & more!

Want more insights into how you can leverage these 2023 book advertising trends in your next campaign? Drop Mary Beth a note at marybeth@adbiblio.com!

Learn more about diverse targeting for Black History Month here.

CTV Advertising – Part 2

In part one we discussed how prevalent CTV has become in the US. This market is only going to continue to grow. CTV advertising provides you with all of the benefits of advertising on traditional TV with none of the inherent downsides and Adbiblio is making it easier and better than ever.

Adbiblio has more than a decade of experience showing your ads to the right audiences on the web. Now with CTV advertising your reach extends even further. Our industry-best audience targeting enables us to show your ads to the audience most likely to engage and be interested. In fact, 40% of young adults prefer to see ads which are tailored to them.

We all know how annoying it can be to see the same ad over and over, but with CTV advertising Adbiblio can limit the frequency with which your audience see your ads. Adbiblio is partnered with the industry leader in CTV supply, ensuring that your ads have access to the highest quality of content and services like DirectTV, Sling, Discovery+, Hulu, NBC and many more!

Another piece of tech up our sleeves is called Household Extension targeting. When someone puts down their phone to binge their favorite streaming show on their TV, your display ad is no longer front of mind. But with Household Extension we can advertise to them via CTV so that they don’t miss out on your next big book release. While not a click generator, CTV advertising is a significant driver of awareness.

Ready to learn more about booking a CTV campaign? Reach out to Mary Beth at marybeth@adbiblio.com!

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Proximity Ads & CTV!

Ho- ho- holiday book advertising! AdBiblio’s proximity ads & CTV packages are the most wonderful way to give your book some extra love this gift-giving season. We’ll help you reach shoppers at major retailers plus niche brick & mortar stores; people visiting holiday-specific shops and attractions; and viewers of all the best seasonal TV content. Read on to learn all about promoting your book for the holidays using proximity targeting & CTV ads!

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AdBiblio Holiday Targeting

Tis the season to sell some books!

Take a look at the many different ways we can find your readers during the holiday season. And don’t forget – we’re doing 1 day turnarounds at no extra cost for any campaign booked before the end of the year, so there’s plenty of time to catch those last minute shoppers!

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Brand awareness for books – does it matter?

Brand awareness may seem like an empty and nebulous buzzword at first glance. It’s no surprise that unambiguous metrics like Clicks and CTR tend to be more popular than “awareness” when determining the success of ad campaigns. (We love clicks and high CTRs as much as the next advertiser!) But does that mean brand awareness is useless for book ads, or could it still be worth your time and ad dollars?

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BEA Proximity Targeting: The Holy Grail

Book Expo America. 

It’s certainly on all our minds. Some might call it an absolute bibliophile’s dream. Others might call it five grueling days of just a smidgen of stress (smidgen’s a word, right?) Either way, it’s almost here. And as we all know, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with just about everyone in the book industry world, from readers to authors to librarians, booksellers, and publishers. It’s the #1 book event in America. Which begs the question…in the chaos of the biggest and best book event, how will you make sure you stand out?


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The Ins & Outs of Connected TV, Part 3: Are CTV Ads Right For You?

In Part 3 of our Connected TV series, we’ll help you figure out when to include CTV ads in your campaign. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you should give those a quick read before diving in.

By this point in the blog series you know that here at AdBiblio, we think CTV technology and advertising is really cool. The combination of the traditional TV commercial format with AdBiblio’s precision targeting (demographics, interests, geo-locations, and days & times) creates a fantastic opportunity to expand your campaign’s visibility and impact.

But that doesn’t mean Connected TV is right for every campaign.

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The Ins & Outs of Connected TV, Part 2: Advertising on CTV

Welcome to Part 2 of our Connected TV series! If you missed Part 1, make sure to check it out here.

Given the rapid growth and popularity of Connected TV, it’s no surprise that advertising on CTV is also starting to gain traction – and we’re extremely excited make this tech available to you!

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The Ins & Outs of Connected TV, Part 1: What Is CTV?

You’ve probably been hearing the term Connected TV lately – especially if you’ve been talking to Mary Beth. But, like with any new technology, a lot of people still aren’t totally clear on what exactly the term “Connected TV” means or how the tech benefits them.

Let’s clear it up!

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