AdBiblio Case Study: Rabbit Hole from Soho Press

When a book claims to be a must-read for fans of both My Favorite Murder and Fleabag, it certainly grabs my attention! Kate Brody’s novel, Rabbit Hole, brilliantly captures the dark and alluring aspects of true crime, with a touch of sexiness thrown in. We loved helping Soho Press reach true crime fans and thriller readers for this fantastic debut.

Rabbit Hole is a gripping mystery debut that follows Teddy Angstrom’s obsessive quest to solve her sister Angie’s cold-case disappearance. With the help of the charismatic but mysterious Mickey, Teddy’s pursuit for answers becomes increasingly dangerous, blurring the lines between truth and obsession. “I absolutely loved this book.” Ainslie Hogarth, author of Motherthing, says it’s “an unflinching portrait of grief and obsession, as well as a genuinely gripping mystery. The characters feel raw and real, the story is dark and timely. I couldn’t put it down.”

The campaign included a blend of our native and banner ads, and focused on reaching mystery, thriller, suspense, literary fiction, and bestselling book readers. Additional traits and behaviors included true crime enthusiasts and crime podcast listeners (of course!), Goodreads users, Investigation Discovery viewers, and more! Comps included authors like Gillian Flynn, Taylor Adams, Angie Kim, Lisa Taddeo, and Lucy Foley, and media like My Favorite Murder, Crime Junkie, Criminal, Small Town Murder, and Fleabag. Keywords included terms and phrases like literary mysteries, mystery book club, best thrillers of 2024, true crime obsession, and true crime fandom. Other fun facts: the ads did best in Denver, CO and Green Bay, WI — must be a lot of true crime and suspense / thriller fans there!

The campaign wrapped up at a .22% CTR (Click Through Rate) and 1.89% IAR (Interaction Rate), and ran on top sites including NY Times, Vulture, AV Club, Rolling Stone, NPR, Mystery Tribune, Refinery29, LA Times, Salon, & more. The ads resonated strongly with mystery, thriller and suspense readers (.24% CTR), bestselling fiction readers (.22% CTR), our proprietary genre read alike audience (.16% CTR), and literary fiction readers who are mystery, thriller and suspense fans (.16% CTR)!

If you’re looking for your next dark thriller, grab yourself a copy of Rabbit Hole here. And if you’re ready for your next campaign, you know where to find me —

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