AdBiblio Case Study: My Life with the Walter Boys from Sourcebooks

The trend of turning books into shows and movies is booming, and I’m always looking to “read it before I stream it.” With years of experience promoting books turned to media (check out our post on The Shapes Trilogy), we were thrilled to help Sourcebook reach Netflix streamers for My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak!

My Life with the Walter Boys follows Jackie Howard, a girl used to a perfect life until tragedy strikes and turns her entire world upside down. Forced to move cross-country to live with the chaotic Walters (which includes 11 boys!), Jackie navigates the dynamics of a large, lively family and a house full of potential crushes! The Netflix show stars Nikki Rodriguez and Noah LaLonde and has officially been renewed for a second season.

The campaign included a blend of our native and banner ads, and focused on reaching YA and Gen Z / Millennial fiction readers. Additional traits and behaviors included Netflix viewers & subscribers, fans of Film & TV adaptations of books, Rom-Com fans, Goodreads users, teen lifestyle readers, and more! Comps included authors like Kasie West, Jenny Han, Alex Light, Katharine McGee, and Casey McQuiston, and media like The Kissing Booth, Heartstopper, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Keywords included terms and phrases like My Life with the Walter Boys, Ali Novak, YA romance, Nikki Rodriguez, Wattpad original, and read before you watch.

The campaign wrapped up at a .18% CTR (Click Through Rate) and 1.84% IAR (Interaction Rate), and ran on top sites including Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Books and Bao, The Every Girl, Modern Teen, Hello Giggles, & more! The ads resonated strongly with Gen Z and Millennial readers who use Goodreads (.38% CTR), Gen Z, Milennial and YA readers browsing articles with keywords like YA romance and Ali Novak (.29% CTR), and YA book influencers and followers (.20% CTR)!

If you’re looking for a fun teen romance to read this upcoming Valentine’s Day (and then subsequently binge the show!), grab yourself a copy of My Life with the Walter Boys here. And if you’re ready for your next campaign, you know where to find me —

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