AdBiblio Case Study: Kim Jiyoung, 1982 from W.W. Norton

Here at AdBiblio, we truly believe books have the power to change the world. Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo is definitely no exception. This fierce international bestseller launched Korea’s new feminist movement and over a million copies have been sold in nineteen countries. We were thrilled to help W.W. Norton spread the word about this powerhouse novel.

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AdBiblio Case Study: Afterlife from Algonquin Books

In 1991, Julia Alvarez published her beloved debut, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. The bestselling YA novel gives a unique voice to four sisters as they grow up in two cultures.  In the 30 years since, Alvarez’s diverse writing has continued to be a powerful force in publishing, with collections ranging from novels and books for young readers to nonfiction and poetry collections. Her numerous awards include the Hispanic Heritage Award, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Award, and in 2013, the National Medal of Arts from President Obama. Now, she’s back with Afterlife – her very first adult novel in fifteen years. We were so excited to take part in promoting this incredible novel!

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AdBiblio Case Study: Stay at Home Sale from Bloomsbury

I like to think of myself as a pretty avid reader, but even I’m impressed with the sheer number of books I’ve finished over the last six weeks. I think I’ve set a new record. With the majority of people staying and working from home, so many like myself are turning to books for escape, to pass the time, and to help their kids continue to learn. And though the world is on lockdown, we love that publishers like Bloomsbury are still committed to doing all they can to inspire reading for all ages. We were thrilled to help them reach avid readers and book buyers for their stay at home sale!

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AdBiblio Case Study: Creatures from Algonquin Books

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. But when I first laid eyes on Crissy Van Meter’s novel Creatures, I was completely entranced with the lush underwater world I saw. And the story inside is just as mesmerizing as the creatures on the outside.  We were thrilled to help Algonquin Books reach fiction enthusiasts for Van Meter’s debut!

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AdBiblio Case Study: The Long Flight Home from Kensington

Welcome to part two! Last week, we shared how we helped Kensington promote reach mystery and thriller readers and Target shoppers for Paranoid by Lisa Jackson. This week, we’re taking a deep dive into The Long Flight Home by Alan Hlad. Using our niche targeting and unique reach, we were able to help Kensington reach fiction enthusiasts and WWII historical fiction readers in select cities.

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AdBiblio Case Study: Peg + Cat: The Eid al-Adha Adventure from Candlewick

Peg + Cat are back for another adventure! These adorably fun books about a young girl and her talking cat (spoiler alert) are based on the children’s book The Chicken Problem, which was published in 2012 by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley. Since then, the series has become an Emmy Award-winning animated TV series. We were really excited to help Candlewick spread the word about the most recent book in the series, Peg + Cat: The Eid al-Adha Adventure!

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AdBiblio Case Study: An American Marriage from Algonquin Books

If you’re deciding whether or not to read An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, just ask Oprah. In addition to being chosen as a Book Club 2018 pick by the Queen reader herself, An American Marriage is a New York Times Instant Bestseller and holds rave reviews from widespread publications including People, The Atlantic and Nylon. Not to mention Oprah is planning on turning it into a movie! When we first got our hands on Tayari Jones’s debut, we knew (like Oprah) that it was something special, so we were beyond excited when Algonquin asked for help in keeping the excitement alive for this book!

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HMH Case Study: Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions

Q: What do you get when you combine a murder mystery, an eccentric amateur sleuth, and the stunning backdrop of Sicily?

A: A National Bestseller, an Indie Next List selection, a Spring ’18 B&N Discover Pick, a Costco Staff Pick, an Amazon Best Book of March 2018… and plenty more accolades!


Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions by Mario Giordano tells the story of Auntie Poldi, a 60 year old German widow who retires to Sicily “…intending to drink herself comfortably to death with a sea view” – so basically living out my personal retirement fantasy. But when her handsome young handyman turns up dead, Poldi vows to get to the bottom of the case.

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Kensington Native Ad Case Study: You Will Pay

AdBiblio thrives on integrating ourselves with the digital trends of the future. Which is why we’re excited to announce AdBiblio Native Ads! Native advertising mimics the style and format of organic posts on websites, letting your book ad blend in seamlessly with the content around it. We tapped into this native technology to help Kensington continue to get the word out about Lisa Jackson’s thrilling new novel, You Will Pay!

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Top Book Club Selections of 2016 (Part 2)

There’s nothing like being a part of a great book club! It’s a wonderful way to socialize with fellow book lovers, and (let’s be honest) a great excuse to binge on wine and cheese!  There’s no question that 2016 has been a fabulous year for books and book clubs, and if you haven’t joined a local or online reading group yet, there’s no time like the present!

From library and bookstore clubs to celebrity recommendations, we’ve rounded up some of the top selections for 2016 book clubs.  Here are 10 MORE titles to keep your group’s reading momentum strong and well-balanced (click here to read Part 1):

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