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Below is a list of some of the top-tier sites where your native ad may appear!

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Algonquin Case Study: What Unites Us

  One of the most empowering- and perhaps most needed – non fiction books we’ve ever promoted is Dan Rather’s What Unites Us. When Algonquin came to us with the hopes of helping them reach a very specific niche group of readers (those ages 65+ with an interest in...

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AdBiblio Campaigns for the Holidays!

We’re just now hitting pumpkin spice latte season and it’s barely Halloween – so is it too soon to start thinking about Holiday shopping for books? Nope! I don’t think so. AdBiblio is already filling up November and December with Holiday campaigns! Take a look at a couple ways we can help...

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S&S Native Ad Case Study: Impatient Foodie

Food, glorious food! We were incredibly excited to work with S&S on promoting Elettra Weidemann’s new cookbook, Impatient Foodie. As a busy millennial herself, she asks in her cookbook, “Why did good food always go hand-in-hand with slowing down? Wasn’t there a way to have slow, sustainable, delicious food without...

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Kensington Native Ad Case Study: You Will Pay

AdBiblio thrives on integrating ourselves with the digital trends of the future. Which is why we’re excited to announce AdBiblio Native Ads! Native advertising mimics the style and format of organic posts on websites, letting your book ad blend in seamlessly with the content around it. We tapped into...

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Reach beach readers with the perfect beach reads!

Break out the sunscreen – summer is officially here! And while many beach goers are throwing the frisbee or tossing about in the waves, others (aka Mary Beth) are happiest lounging on the sand completely entranced in a book. The time for promoting the best beach reads is now,...

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Fire up the grill with sizzling summer cookbooks!

If there’s anything we love as much as books, it’s food (…and baby animals, of course – we’re not monsters). So it’s no surprise that we love promoting cookbooks! Delicious meals, creative recipes, and mouthwatering photos make cookbook advertising a good idea all year long, but summer’s abundant fresh produce and...

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It’s “game on” for summer sports titles!

Wondering how to reach book fanatics who are also sports fanatics? We’re here to let you in on a little secret… our team is awesome at this, because we are those people!   I mean, check out what Mary Beth’s up to when she manages to pull her nose out of a...

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AdBiblio helps you find the right readers

Check out our deck to find out how AdBiblio helps you connect with the right readers in the right place at the right time! Or if you’d like to dive right in to the specifics for your title, let Mary Beth know at  

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Get Inspired With Inspirational Book Targeting

Reaching fans of inspirational, spiritual, and religious books has never been easier. By drawing on the same principles that apply to book advertising campaigns of any genre, AdBiblio’s spiritual and inspirational book targeting finds the right readers in the right places at the right time. In our recent blog post...

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