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AdBiblio Case Study – ABRAMS Pique at YallFest

After harnessing the power of AdBiblio Proximity Targeting to draw pop culture fans to their NYC Comic Con booth in October, ABRAMS decided to use another proximity campaign in November to promote their new YA book community, Pique. With YA fans flocking to Charleston, SC for YALLFest, the world’s largest YA book festival, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!


Thousands of passionate readers travel to YALLFest each year to meet their favorite authors, attend star-studded panels, and celebrate with new friends. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect place to reach a community of hard-core YA enthusiasts. And now the fun can continue year-round with Pique’s author interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, chapter teasers, giveaways, and more!



We helped ABRAMS design three mobile in-app ad units for the Pique campaign: a 320×50 mobile banner, a 300×250 mobile rectangle, and a 320×480 mobile full-page ad.


ABRAMS Pique AdBiblio Campaign - YALLFest proximity targeting ads


Next, our team set up precise proximity targeting for all of the YALLFest event locations throughout downtown Charleston. We also identified and targeted key YALLFest hotels in order to reach conference attendees in the evening as they wound down from the day’s activities. We also layered in our signature trait targeting to ensure we were reaching avid YA book readers and buyers within the right locations.

ABRAMS Pique AdBiblio Campaign - YALLFest proximity targeting map


ABRAMS’ Pique campaign got nearly 20k impressions from YA fanatics during the 2-day YALLFest event, and generated an exceptional 0.31% CTR! The ads were seen in popular apps like NY Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, Wattpad, QuizUp, Shazam, MyFitnessPal, and Words With Friends.


ABRAMS Pique AdBiblio Campaign - YALLFest proximity targeting apps


If you’re a YA fan (and who isn’t?!), you’ll definitely want to bookmark the Pique website and give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! To learn more about AdBiblio Proximity Targeting or brainstorm a proximity campaign for your next book promotion, contact Mary Beth at marybeth@adbiblio.com.



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