BEA Proximity Targeting: The Holy Grail

Book Expo America. 

It’s certainly on all our minds. Some might call it an absolute bibliophile’s dream. Others might call it five grueling days of just a smidgen of stress (smidgen’s a word, right?) Either way, it’s almost here. And as we all know, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with just about everyone in the book industry world, from readers to authors to librarians, booksellers, and publishers. It’s the #1 book event in America. Which begs the question…in the chaos of the biggest and best book event, how will you make sure you stand out?


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How engaging is your AdBiblio native ad headline?

Our goal for AdBiblio campaigns is to run book ads that capture attention, increase engagement and make your book stand out in front of the right audience. When it comes to our native ads, the headline plays a major role in helping this happen.

Like the lead paragraph in a news story, the headline of the ad is the single most important asset for capturing readers’ attention in the feed. So, with that in mind, I’m sharing some suggestions to deliver a killer headline for your book!

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Captain’s Log: NYCC Stardate 2017

The AdBiblio team has been to NY Comic Con many times, but I personally have never had the pleasure… until now! And as a huge Star Wars nerd, what better timing than the year when The Last Jedi is being released?!


To be honest, I was expecting the atmosphere to be a lot like BEA with more costumes. If you’ve ever been to both BEA and NYCC though, you already know how wrong I was. (Except about the costumes – there are definitely more costumes at NYCC.)

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BEA 2017 Trip Report

Ahhhh BEA…the time of year when thousands of book lovers converge at the NYC Javits Center to ooh and ahhh over the latest literary releases and upcoming publications.  Essentially, it’s a bibliophile’s dream, so of course we had a fabulous time catching up with clients, meeting new friends and hoarding ALL THE BOOKS!  Here are a few highlights from the trip:

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What To Read During The Women’s Strike

In honor of the Women’s Strike taking place on Wednesday, March 8 for International Women’s Day, we’ve pulled together some of the feminist books that have most inspired our AdBiblio team. Grab one of these great reads to bring to your Women’s Strike activities (or to work if you’re unable to strike) and stay inspired all day long!

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ABRAMS Becoming Andy Warhol Case Study: Proximity Targeting at NYCC!

Proximity targeting. You’ve probably heard this from me several times in the last couple of weeks, and how excited we are (truly, we’re all so stoked) about this innovative new way in which we reach readers in real time in the real world (you can read more about it here!). And now, we’re sharing how we used this technology to reach a particularly niche audience – pop culture fans!

From award winning and New York Times bestselling author Nick Bertozzi and artist Pierce Hargan, Becoming Andy Warhol depicts the career progression and life of the remarkably talented and ingenious artist Andy Warhol. Considering Warhol was the man who invented Pop Art, it makes sense that pop culture geeks and fanatics at New York City Comic Con would be the perfect audience for this graphic novel!

So, using real time data through our proximity targeting, we helped ABRAMS promote Becoming Andy Warhol to New York City Comic Con attendees at the Javits Center!

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