Happy Halloween from AdBiblio: The top 15 literary pet costumes!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and each year I look forward to seeing all the creative, elaborate and super fun costumes…on pets.

So in honor of this holiday and my absolute love for all things books and animals, I’ve scoured the web for the best literary pets costumes. It wasn’t easy to only pick 15, but here they are. Starting with the scariest of them all…

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image source: thepartnership.ca

AdBiblio celebrates Banned Books Week!

“Banning books gives us silence when we need speech. It closes our ears when we need to listen. It makes us blind when we need sight.”
-Stephen Chbosky

It’s Banned Books Week– an annual event that brings together the entire book community in shared celebration of the freedom to read and fight censorship. And we can’t think of a better time to countdown the top 5 books most-challenged books from 2014 than RIGHT NOW. The list is compiled by the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, or OIF, and their received reports from libraries, schools, and the media on attempts to ban books in communities across the country.

Check out the top 5 and then be sure to get yourself a copy…because you can! 🙂

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Michelle Gable event in Pawley's Island, SC

Bookstores: bringing literary lovers together!

Over the summer, AdBiblio helped promote international best-selling author Michelle Gable’s book tour. Gable hit six separate bookstores to talk about and sign her newest book, A Paris Apartment. The bestselling novel is inspired by the fascinating real life discovery of a Parisian apartment shuttered for 70 years. We were so excited to hear that the events were all a success, with a whopping 115 people showing up for the last one in Pawley’s Island, SC!

Running event ads always makes us warm and fuzzy inside, because we know we’re helping multiple players in the book industry: the publicist spread the event with locals, the bookstore draw a crowd, and, most importantly, authors connect with their biggest fans while new ones are born! Win-win-win-win!

So, in honor of our love for book events everywhere, we’re sharing ten bookstores across the country and the fantastic job they do of bringing the literary community together.

Starting off, our #10 spot hits very close to home…

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Legacy of Kings and the Digital Oracle

Eleanor Herman’s new YA Fantasy novel, Legacy of Kings, is the first in a new series, and also the first book to ever incorporate the “Digital Oracle” via Twitter. According to Publishers Weekly, the Oracle is actually a “bot,” which is pre-programmed to respond to Twitter questions/comments posted to @HarlequinTeen, using the hashtag #asklegacyofkings.

With 100 potential responses, the Digital Oracle is essentially a literary Magic 8 Ball devised to increase reader engagement. Since the bot’s responses are written by Herman herself, the “premonitions” provide continuity between the text and social media. As the story incorporates elements of Greek Mythology and History, the Oracle aptly includes wisdom from well-known literary figures like Poseidon, Apollo and Athena.

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Growing Up Readers: Favorite Childhood Books

As kids we’re drawn to books before we even learn to read, attracted to the crisp pages, colorful images, and hints of hidden worlds captured between the covers. Childhood books strengthen our bonds with the adults who share them with us, turning a nightly reading of Goodnight Moon into a lifelong nostalgic memory. They shape our worldview — I attribute my lifelong love of animals at least in part to the anthropomorphized dogs, cats, and caterpillars in the stories I grew up with. They help us develop crucial skills like silence, imagination, patience, perseverance, and focus; plus, who hasn’t tried cooking one of the meals featured in Redwall, or spent hours studying the blurry diagrams in My Side Of The Mountain trying to figure out how to whittle a whistle? (…No? Just me?)

Narrowing down our long lists of childhood favorites to a single title was an agonizing decision, but AdBiblio team members Karli, Mary Beth, Rachel and Will were up for the challenge! Check out our picks below!

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image via greatbritishreads.com

Great reads from across the pond!

Anyone who truly knows me is aware of my obsession with British culture. So much so, that a picture of the royal family hangs on my work wall. And today, my fixation with people like Kate Middleton and The Crawleys converges with my other obsession: books. AdBiblio has just launched a campaign with Penguin Random House UK to help promote their GREAT BRITISH READS!

Here’s a look at four of the featured books that are perfect to dive into this summer. Preferably while knackered on the beach.

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John Green To Screen: Top 12 Young Adult Books Turned Movies

This past weekend, PAPER TOWNS, the most recent and much-anticipated adaptation from YA author John Green finally hit theaters. We do a ton of YA book advertising here at AdBiblio, and I’m always blown away by how many of them get turned into films. It’s never an easy task to take our beloved young characters, in all their flaws and glory, out of a book and onto a screen, but there have been the few which didn’t disappoint. So, after a long hour of lists, flipping coins and a Magic 8 Ball or two, I finally settled on my top 12.

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image source: fictionsoutheast.org

Books Old, Books New: Something Red, White & Blue!

In honor of July 4th, we’ve highlighted four of our favorite classic American authors, as well as some of our new favorites! These wordsmiths continue to leave their mark with readers all across the US, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite quotes from them now.

Happy Birthday, America!

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Shop local. Eat local. Read local.

Image Credit: Read Local NC

Shop Local. Eat Local. Read Local.

Durham’s inaugural Read Local festival last weekend proved that local books are as integral to our city’s cultural fabric as local food and local businesses. And it was a blast!

Friday’s Cookbook Rodeo kicked off the weekend, followed by an author dinner on Saturday night, and culminating on Sunday with an exhibition of local authors, publishers, booksellers, and service providers at Durham’s Central Market.

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