AdBiblio Case Study: A Murderous Marriage Event from Kensington Books

Being a fan of book readings myself, I know that half the battle is knowing when and where a favorite (or about-to-be favorite) author might show up. I’m still angry about a missed signing with Cheryl Strayed in 2014. Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I’m hurting to this day. SO, it makes me really happy when we get to help connect the literary world with authors in real life. And that’s exactly what we did this past January, when we helped Kensington Books spread the word about an upcoming author event in Florida!

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Literary Links: The Book Cover Edition

We’ve all heard that you should never judge a book by its cover, but we also know that packaging and design are important to consumers.  For book buyers, cover design is often the first step to engaging a potential reader. After all, aren’t you more likely to pick up a book if the cover appeals to you, or if you recognize that cover from somewhere else – like from an ad campaign that you’ve been noticing on all your favorite sites? Plus, in the age of “bookstagrammers,” a photo-worthy cover can turn one purchase into many by inspiring social media friends and followers to pick up a copy as well. There’s a lot to cover on this subject (pun most definitely intended!), so this edition of Literary Links is dedicated to the not so subtle art of judging a book by its cover.

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AdBiblio Case Study: Flora from DK

In the previous blog post, we shared how we helped DK reach ballet & dance enthusiasts for the gorgeous book Ballet! This week, we move away from the stage and deep into the world of plants. Using our niche targeting and unique reach, we were able to help DK reach botany enthusiasts, gardeners, and more for the spectacular book Flora.

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AdBiblio Case Study: Ballet from DK

There are some books where you are so fascinated by every single page that you never end up flipping to the next. Ballet and Flora, two visual guides from DK, are exactly that. They came to us over the holiday season for help in promoting these beautiful books!  Today we’re going to share exactly how we reached readers for Ballet, and stay tuned for all the details on the Flora campaign next week!

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Literary Links: Most Anticipated Books of 2019

Ushering in a new year can be refreshing, but it can also be stressful.  Between resolutions, readjusting to work/school schedules, and the post-holiday blues, January can be a bit of a rollercoaster.  But one thing we always look forward to in the new year is the annual lists of “most anticipated” books!  Here’s a roundup of such lists to help you get a jump start on your 2019 TBR stack. So cheers to a new year and new books!

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Proximity Targeting: Trolling the Competition

Burger King recently took advantage of proximity targeting for a genius ad scheme designed to troll their largest competitor. The promotion “works by geofencing McDonalds locations across the country,” Burger King said in a statement. “If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK App on their device, the app will unlock the WHOPPER sandwich for a penny promotion.”

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Literary Links: Holiday Edition

It’s December and you know what that means… holiday literary links!

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I’ve bought seven books this year for friends and family. Everyone knows I’m the girl who will be gifting books. I can’t help it! Are you looking to gift a friend a book too but not sure what to get? The Cut published The Best Books to Buy for Every Type of Friend. From the friend who has mastered the binge watch to the friend who live-streamed Princess Eugenie’s wedding (me), they’ve got you covered.

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AdBiblio Case Study: The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs from Sourcebooks

Here at AdBiblio, we’re huge fans of running both cookbook and children’s books campaigns, so this really was the best of both worlds! For the first time ever, America’s Test Kitchen brings their scientific know-how, rigorous testing, and hands-on-learning to KIDS in the kitchen! Somewhere out there, I like to think the next Gordon Ramsay or Martha Stewart has finally gotten their hands on The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, and is ready to take on the world – one recipe at a time!

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